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Resident Information & FAQ

Application & Screening

Peabody Walk's leasing process is entirely online!  Once your rental application is approved, a request will be sent via email to complete a tenant screening.

$15 Rental Application Fee

$30 Tenant Screening

Moving forward in the leasing process, a lease will be sent via email requesting your e-signature.  Once all tenant and cosigner signatures are completed, the lease bounces back to property management to finalize and execute.

Rent & Deposits

Rent is paid online via the Resident Center portal on the first of every month, with automatic rent reporting to help build your credit.  If a monthly installment of rent is paid more than five days after the due date, a late fee amounting to 5% of the outstanding balance is charged to the tenant.

Our Resident Center is integrated with Flex Payments!  Flex pays your rent on time each month, and you pay Flex back in two installments.  Create an account or transfer an existing one to get started (subject to eligibility).

Security deposits are equal to a single month's rent.  Deposits must be paid within a week of signing the lease agreement to secure the unit and lease term.  The first month's rent payment must be cleared prior to key pickup.

Card payments carry a 2.99% convenience fee; EFT (bank transfer) payments do not.

Pets & Fees

We allow small dogs (under 35 lb.) only; no cats allowed.  Maximum of two dogs allowed per unit.  Large dogs, as well as small pets (e.g. guinea pigs), are permissible on a case-by-case basis.  All pets are subject to approval by management.

$300 refundable Pet Deposit

$150 non-refundable Pet Fee

$50/month Pet Rent for small dogs

Please help keep our lawn nice by picking up after your pets!  Repeated offences of pet waste left on the property may incur fees to cover cleanup and landscaping.

Pet Policy
Utilities & Internet

Utilities are not included in the rental rate.  Tenants must contact Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) to set up or transfer their account.  Peabody Walk is electric-only; there is no gas in the building.  Water is billed by usage via the Resident Center, due on the first of the month along with rent.

Peabody Walk is wired for Comcast/Xfinity.  We do not have any Verizon FIOS connections. Tenants must contact Comcast/Xfinity to set up their internet plans accordingly (not included in rental rate).

Mail Delivery

Deliveries are made to the mailroom at the front entrance of Peabody Walk.  Mail is delivered to the mailboxes, and packages are placed in the receptacle area.  Tenants are encouraged to pick up their packages from the mailroom in a timely manner.

Delivery carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) are provided access codes to the front entrance.  Peabody Walk is also equipped with Amazon Key so you never miss a delivery!  Tenants can also provide their unit code (0###) to buzz in carriers or guests via the AIPhone IXG app.

Parking & Transport

Parking in the Peabody Walk lot is $100/month per spot.  Parking passes are numbered to indicate which spot the tenant has reserved.  Any vehicle parked without a visible parking pass is subject to towing.


Expecting visitors?  Prorated guest passes are available upon request (subject to availability).  Please contact management for more information.

There are three Zipcars in the Peabody Walk lot available for tenant use.  For public transport, there are several bus stops within short walking distance (including buses 51, 95, CityLink SILVER, Purple Route, and the JHMI Shuttle).

Trash & Recycling

Trash and recycling are picked up every Monday morning.  Dumpsters are located in the parking lot around the back of the building.  Boxes can not be left next to or sticking out of the dumpsters and must be flattened and broken down.  For more information on Baltimore City recycling, please visit their Recycle Right page.

Please do not overfill the dumpsters.  Any trash that is not fully inside of the dumpsters does not get picked up. Please respect our neighbors and collectors by properly disposing of all waste!

Maintenance & Damage

Maintenance requests should be made through the Resident Center portal.  If it is an emergency, such as a bursting pipe, tenants should call AND text the property manager explaining the issue so that the situation can be handled immediately.

The tenant is responsible for any damages to the property including (but not limited to) marred paint, nail holes, or clogged drains that put the property in a state different than the initial move-in condition. 

Please do not store anything inside of the mechanical closet. It is a fire hazard.

Keys & Lockouts

Peabody Walk has a secure keyless entry system.  Doors lock automatically when closed.  Lockouts carry a $50 charge per lockout after the first instance.  If a tenant loses their key, replacements are charged in addition to the lockout fee.  Tenants may request extra keyfobs as needed.

$10 Keyfob (subject to increase after the first replacement)

$5 Mail Key (subject to increase after the first replacement)

Showings & Right to Enter

During the last 60 days of the lease term, showings are open to prospective tenants between the hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm daily.  We will provide reasonable notice (24 hours or more, unless otherwise permitted by tenant) before a scheduled showing.  The tenant agrees to make reasonable accommodations to comply.

Property management shall have the right to enter the property at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection or making any repairs required by the terms of the lease agreement or which property management deems necessary.

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